This is a good omen.

Life really is about who you know — dream jobs and careers, deep romances and friendships, great ideas and stories, all started with one person bold and curious enough to reach out to another. 

Here I explore how to find the right people and the magic that can happen when we connect with them.

I’ll get to the heart of networking, sharing both practical guides as well as food for thought on how to start reaching out with intention and build a habit of connection, not every day, but every so often.

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Bit more about me.

I’m in the business of making connections and telling stories.

I started my career in Musical Theatre and performed on lots of stages all over the country, from old barns in the middle of nowhere to big Broadway stages.

I realized real quick that in order to make it in an uncertain industry as an artist, I needed to connect with the right people and develop a certain kind of discipline.

So I started reaching out to one new person a day every day for one hundred days. In those three 1/2 months, my world exploded. I’d gotten jobs and mentors and dates and amazing connections with some personal heroes.

I. Met. Carol. Burnette.

Then I started the Reach Out Party, a 27 day course that enables anyone to meaningfully build their own network and community.

From there, I pivoted to building communities and leading brand and marketing teams at tech startups, like Primer, which is where I spend my 9-5s now.

I love art, writing, bringing ideas to life, and connecting with people. I love the idea that we’re always mixing with other people. Words change us, thoughts change us, people change us. There’s nothing that makes me happier than the idea that my thoughts could mix with yours.

Subscribe to a good omen

Life really is about people you know. Here, I get to the heart of networking, helping you better understand yourself so that you can connect with others.


Carly Valancy

community, tech, theatre, art, ceramics with friendly faces in them.